The Northeast Edition was established by a devoted individual to Political Science and all relevant disciplines with a furious focus on Comparative Politics and International Relations. The author commits their efforts to identifying, analizying and continuously commenting on the petty political, popularly political, and of course the pendentively political of actually important international events. In addition the author seeks to discuss items relevant to the eloquence of eclectic economics espoused by enemies and friends of the United States alike, and on that note to also divulge and depreciate the often times diplomatic diatribes of the foes of these great States United. When life gets extremely dull and boring, I shall engage with merciless meticulousness the cultural issues of European nations and their effects on the international system as a whole. There is also considerable attention paid toward ballistic missile defense initiatives by the United States and other nations such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

The Northeast Edition has additional literature devoted specifically to the region of New England in the United States, as well as the individual states that comprise the region overall. While national governments possess great responsibility on all levels, it is as vital to observe and analyze the activity of local and state governments in order to contribute to a richer political dialogue, and societal advancement into the 21st century.


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