Reign In Entitlement Spending

The Budget and Debt Ceiling Talks:

The Congress, in conjunction with the President of the United States [only as of recently], is currently attempting to find a common ground regarding the nature of the federal budget. The fiscal future of our country hangs in the midst. The focal point: whether raising taxes or cutting spending should be the fundamental means to cut our deficits and lead us into another era of American prosperity. Republicans want serious and responsible cuts without raising unnecessary taxes, and Democrats insist that raising taxes with minimal cuts is of intelligent design. The national discussion on the budget is in of itself, I believe, a vivid representation of the divisive philosophy and nature of the American People.

There is a deep division in society today, between those who want to work and enjoy the fruits of their labors and abide by and uphold the laws of the land, and an increasing number of what it has become fashionable to call the disaffected, the disadvantaged, the differently motivated, what we use to call, lazy people; dishonest people, people who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, or their lives. As a result, the means of solving our budget problem have to take on difficult and at times drastic measures with the sole purpose to safeguard not only our immediate fiscal and economic health, but also that of our and the succeeding generations’ prosperity. Not to do so, would be irresponsible and a blatant affront to the Liberty of future Americans.

Entitlement spending is the core of the issue, yet is the topic with the least amount of national coverage. The position of not raising taxes and insistence on cutting spending [in return for raising the debt ceiling cap] by the members of the Republican caucus is a responsible approach. It demonstrates the GOP’s commitment to the pledge they made to the electorate [which resulted in their current majority in the House of Representatives], as well as the depth of insight and understanding regarding our country’s fiscal follies.

The budget proposal in which the Obama administration has submitted completely disregards the heart of the issue and enables our spending to skyrocket further out of control. Roughly 58% of the entire budget proposal is centered on entitlement programs and spending, a clear indication of petty politics and a fundamental lack of serious initiative from the Democratic leadership to buckle down and make tough choices. The administration and their supporters attempt to portray the current debate to the American public as “stalled” by Republican “stubbornness”. It is further distorted by claiming the rich “don’t pay their fair share” and that the Bush tax cuts “are the cause of our problem”; yet both of these concepts are false and a direct attack on the integrity of this debate. As of 2008, the top 1% of the highest income earners paid 38% of the total income tax, while the bottom 50% of taxpayers paid only 3%.[i] Entitlement spending will consume all tax revenue by 2049[ii], therefore if we faithfully follow the logic of the Democrats’ proposal we would have to continue to raise taxes at an irrational and unsustainable level in order to cover the costs of egalitarianism running rampant through the streets of those Americans who have minded their own business and played by the rules.

It is clearly a time for choosing, between seeking to continue an unsustainable federal spending scheme or to put aside petty politics and make the difficult but necessary choices that will allow America to consolidate into a new era of stable economic prosperity. Entitlement spending needs to be properly addressed, adequately reformed and responsibly consolidated. Taxes should not be raised, for it is fundamentally a short-term political solution that only ensures that wealth is taken out of the prosperous and productive private sector, and thus threatening the very structural integrity of our economy’s life source. One thing is certain, the American Public have spoken to the Obama administration by electing the current 112th House of Representatives, to ignore this fact would not just be a potential cost to partisan political clout, but the overall integrity and fiscal future of the United States of America.

[i] ” The Top 10 Percent of Income Earners Paid 71 Percent of Federal Income Tax .” Conservative Policy Research and Analysis | The Heritage Foundation . N.p., n.d. Web. 5 July 2011. <;.

[ii] ” Entitlements Will Consume All Tax Revenues by 2049 .” Conservative Policy Research and Analysis | The Heritage Foundation . N.p., n.d. Web. 5 July 2011. <;.

  1. Certainly just as you’ve expressed… Though it’s shocking how one part of society so frightfully lacks the basic understanding of ’cause and effect’; as this Administration.

    We need non-defense cuts (2 to 1)… And then an intentional debt ceiling lowering… And especially as Moody is cutting Irish debt to junk status; and S & P cuts Japan outlook from stable to negative… etc.. etc..

    I am left to wonder…. Have we reached, “the people shall institute a new Gov’t”.. yet?
    This would be the time, as an interim Gov’t is needed; to safeguard our Nation…

  2. TheRoccoHeadedObserver said:

    Absolutely do we need non-defense cuts. For example: there has been a 24% Increase in Base Spending. Non-defense discretionary spending grew by 24% for the first two years of the Obama Administration, adding $734 billion in spending over the next 10 years.

    I believe, as I have expressed in this posting, that there is a large aspect of society that has been persuaded into accepting destructive, non-American ideologies that in return affects the very productivity and strength of our population and economy as a whole. Therefore, our task of leading the United States into a New era of American Prosperity lies within giving our People back their pride, their ethics and their believe in fighting for something greater than themselves. It is not that our government alone made the United States the bastion of Liberty unto a world of Darkness, but rather it was the People and their belief in the values of our Government that have pushed us to great Heights.

    I do not believe we have reached the point where “the People shall institute a new Government”. When we hear of courageous people like Senator Barrasso [R-WY] who will introduce legislation which will allow every American citizen to apply for an Obamacare waiver, you can be rest assured there are Americans out there who have our best interest. The Left fails to see their own faults, and when citizens take measures to safeguard their Liberty and financial integrity, they attempt to marginalize them. For example, many of those who fought so hard to get Obamacare enacted have received waivers and are “immune” from it, here is a map that pinpoints each one:

    It is clearly a time for choosing between those who want to make the short-term but necessary sacrifices to ensure our way of life and values are passed down to future Americans, or to be cowards and consume ourselves in the self-inflicted disease of selfishness, laziness and the, at times, all too powerful essence of Entitlement.

  3. Very well said… Great wisdom, and a reminder of Sen Barrasso…. It is also (perhaps) the struggle to retain Liberty, that is actually the Liberty itself… In of that, the most attractive factor of a healthy Government, is the ability to attain a balance….

    Sad are those of Marxist structure, who look so weathered in a fruitless fight, with hands carved into an angry fist… Seeking, not to improve; but to protest their plight… Exploited by the Regimes, who adopt triangulation policies, to keep their rule in balance…

    USA, the successful country, always portrayed as the Great Satan… Whilst those suppressed the beauty of free thinking; as if Liberty was a poisoned apple… But, instead, it is an orchard that never runs out of fruit…

    I especially like your last paragraph….

    PS: I’m fighting this keyboard, as battery is very low… And flips 🙂

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