Obligations to Our Country Never Cease but with Our Lives

I am of the personal persuasion that New England is a very special place nested close to the revolutionary heart of the American foundational spirit of ’76. It is without a doubt an essential part of the historical narrative of our national story of servitude to an English crown, to the birth of our beloved Republic washed in the light of Liberty no nation can match or preserve today.

Refining the historical lens, a handful of cities and individuals come to focus who persevered in the American cause when other colonies huddled together in fear of reprisal by a tyrant thousands of miles across the vast Atlantic. As the shot heard ‘round the world was fired, and as the brave men of Massachusetts were sent to defend their trampled colony from despots, a new and stronger wind started to blow.

Two hundred and thirty-three years later, as I make my frequent trips between Massachusetts and Connecticut, I cannot help but always glimpse at the “Independence State” written on the Massachusetts license plate, trying to put myself among the revolutionary fervor that spread like wildfire from begrudged citizen to citizen. The American founding fathers and the people who rallied behind their cries for political freedom and representation were people like you and I. They were sons and brothers, fathers and mothers, people of skills and trade, travel and adventures, of loving families and developed societies. They loved their country, their homes, and the life of opportunity they had been given in the New World; however there is another growing similarity between the colonial Americans of the revolution and that of the people of New England today, burdensome taxation.

“No taxation without representation” was the motto of the revolution; today we have political representation within a federal form of government that our honorable founding fathers gave unto us in order that we may demonstrate the capacity of a truly free and independent People amongst the darkness of the world. The phenomenon of burdensome taxation stems from a government that is littered with despotic forces that care not for the welfare of the People but of the survival and enhancement of that destructive system of government. Just as the English monarch King George III spoke on behalf of the People of England, so does the majority of government in New England today as they enact overbearing laws, increase taxes and drive away those People who are seeking to uphold and abide by the laws and spirit of the land and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I have a great belief in New England and the place we hold among these States United. We are not a nation of social workers or clients of social workers; we are not, Please God, a People of deserving cases. We are a People with a strong and proud history attached by a common historical narrative of defending Liberty at all costs, to impose Freedom at will whether despots warrant it or not. The time is near that the population of New England realizes we can never uphold the value of Liberty our nation uniquely espouses toward the rest of the world by maintaining governments with a near one-party system. We can never bring forth meaningful Independence when government believes it necessary to tax further and spend wealth that does not yet exist. It is time that New England and the People who comprise it realize that our historical narrative of Independence is never fully complete, that the despotic energies of tyrants must be washed away from generation to generation.

The Founding Fathers understood that universal Truth is not measured in mass appeal. As Great Britain began to develop further into the industrious and vast empire upon which the Sun never set and attempt to conform the globe to its vision, the American colonies decided upon another course founded in Liberty. The reawakening of America is to come either now or let our vision die forever. Are we to be the generation that left our American successors to enter a world where our exceptionalism and unqiue form of Liberty has but vanished altogether? May, Please God, our People never falter to such wretched levels of those individals who wish to rid the world of our shining Beacon of Light upon the hill, and be consumed by darnkess.


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