The Revolutionary Now Fears Death

A Telegraph posting today has stated British intelligence indicates that Ghaddafi no longer feels secure in his position in Libya, the once self-proclaimed Nasser successor and the keeper of Pan-Arabism. Ghaddafi rose to power through a bloodless coup in 1969 which, Dirk Vandewalle, author of A History of Modern Libya described as,

From the beginning of his take-over on 1 September 1969, Ghaddafi was eager to portray what had taken place that day as not simply an inqilab (military coup) but a genuine thawra (revolution) within Libya:

‘It is impossible to give the specific date for the beginning of the Libyan revolution… no one can determine the beginning of any revolution. This differs from a coup which is a casual event occurring at the pleasure of senior officers…. A revolution is the opposite, even if the practical application of the idea partakes of the same appearance as a military coup.’

Ignoring the fact that it had in reality been a putsch that owed its success more t the relative incompetence of the old regime than to an expression of popular sentiment, or to widespread support within the army, the new regime understood the value of ideologically situating the coup within ongoing events in Libya and in the region.

The idea that Ghaddafi had always attempted, without much regional success, to push upon his fellow Arab nations was that Libya was a revolution borne out of Pan-Arab values and that his reason for being was to take Nasser’s dream and make it into a reality. Many of the Arabs alive during the few years after his rise to power remember his speeches as naive and something of the old, and well understood past; Ghaddafi never grasped that. Ghaddafi most likely never grasped the reality and true nature of the Libyan and Arab activity within the region for no other reason than wanting to implement (without fighting any of the necessary battles) his revolutionary Third Universal Theory.

The Third Universal Theory was based on the ideas of Arab unity, independence, economic egalitarianism and cultural authenticity with Islam at its center. Ghaddafi rationalized that the two dominant and opposing socio-politico-economic ideologies- capitalism and communism- have demonstrated themselves to be ineffective and ultimately invalid. It rejected the class exploitation in capitalism and class warfare in communism, with the goal of creating a system with no class difference (so long as Ghaddafi remained ruler of this system to make sure it stayed that way).

Getting back to the Telegraph posting, it stated;

Diplomatic sources last night disclosed that recent intelligence suggested the Libyan dictator was “paranoid” and “on the run” from Nato’s escalating attacks on his regime.

Hadeiba Hadi, Libya’s ambassador to the European Union, said on Thursday he was defecting along with all his staff. The envoy said he and his colleagues wanted “to place ourselves at the service of the Libyan people in the struggle for democracy”.

In the latest move to step up the military pressure on Col Gaddafi, David Cameron gave the final authorisation for Apache attack helicopters to start flying into Libya.

Britain and France have intensified attacks on Tripoli this week and Col Gaddafi, who has not appeared in public for weeks, was said to be moving between different hospitals.

Nato publicly denies targeting Col Gaddafi, but at least one strike has been launched on a building where he was thought to be present.

Diplomats said the real risk of death was having a “psychological impact” on the colonel, whose officials signalled for the first time this week that he could be prepared to step down.

The diplomatic source said: “There’s a consensus that we need to be turning the screw now and that’s partly informed by our intelligence of what’s going on on the ground.

“One quite striking thing is the fact that Gaddafi appears to be moving from hospital to hospital.”

“What he is doing is moving from one place we won’t bomb to another place we won’t bomb.”

The Prime Minister said Nato wanted to “turn up the pressure on the regime so that people in Libya can choose their own future”.

At the G8 summit in Deauville, Normandy, Mr Cameron held talks with President Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss the campaign in Libya.

What started out as the UN Security Council (UNSC) passing Resolution 1973 which authorizes the UNSC to,

to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory…

Has now turned into a civil war where the NATO allies are assisting the “rebel” forces to sustain their momentum on defeating pro-Ghaddafi forces. The NATO campaign has been successfully saving thousands of lives from further indiscriminate Ghaddafi attacks on the Eastern Libyan cities such as Benghazi and Ajdabiya. The current survival tactic that Ghaddafi has been utilizing is hauntingly reminiscent to that of Gaza terror militants during the 2008-2009 conflict with Israel, where their primary source of security from battle would be in hospitals and schools.

Ghaddafi has been in power since 1969, a total of almost 42 years, yet he refuses to give up his seat of power regardless of his Third Universal Theory and his wish to benefit the Libyan people. With the lack of humane treatment and the utter killing and violence Ghaddafi has put upon the Eastern Libyan people, as well as others across the nation, it begs the question whether Ghaddafi really cares about the Libyan people (which he failed to unify under a single concept) or solely those who ensure his power, mainly his own family and tribal allies in the province of Tripolitania.

The article indicates that Ghaddafi’s real risk of death is having a peculiar “psychological effect” on his ability to govern, let alone hold a normal conversation (this would probably be the normal case for anyone in his situation) yet the NATO and “rebel” forces should pay this item no mind. If Ghaddafi has been inconsiderate of the civilian lives he’s taken since the beginning of this conflict, and the lack of development (given the nation’s substantial income relative to its fellow Arab and African neighbors) and investment he has put into the well being of his own people.

This is a good sign for NATO and commend them for their diligent patience in assisting the Libyan “rebels” and promoting what the values of the West truly stand for, peace. Ghaddafi should at some point come to his senses and either respectfully bow out and take the necessary Justice that is to await his evil deeds, or to stop hiding behind the innocent and sick people of Libya; either way he should make room for what the Libyan people have to offer and demonstrate to the international community and Free world.


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