Its Not a Weapon, Its a Defense Mechanism

I came across a blogger who put the issue of BMD bluntly and therefore commend their attempt to demonstrate the nature of the BMD systems being pursued by NATO and the United States in Eastern Europe. The BMD is just that, defensive, and is sought after to intercept offensive ballistic missiles that have been launched toward our Homeland and/or Allies’ Homeland, therefore the bluster coming from Medvedev’s mouth needs to be collectively addressed by the international community,

Russia helps propel the threat that is causing the BMD systems to be sought after (by helping the Iranian ballistic missile defense industry) and therefore cries fowl prematurely and illegitimately in that, if it did not want the BMD to rest in Eastern Europe it should not have advanced the threat that made it a reality….

Here is a video that offers a visual demonstration on the nature of the BMD,

More to come later.


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